The purpose of the Shared Faces website is to enable proprietors of retail shops to protect their property and to facilitate the effective management of their business and in particular to deter and detect potential shoplifters (the “stated purpose”).


Members collect information directly from individuals by CCTV footage and/or from information provided by the individual when apprehended. Members collect information only from individuals who have been apprehended by their staff and/or security, where police have been involved and/or where a trespass notice has been issued. The collection of information is solely for the stated purpose.


The information is shared only to the extent it is necessary to achieve the stated purpose. In particular;
(a) It is available to members only. Applicants must provide evidence of being
• The owner, operator or manager of a retail store; or
• A service provider contracted or employed by an owner, operator or manager of a retail store for the purpose of detecting and/or deterring shoplifters on behalf of a retail store.
(b) Members agree to restrict use to designated staff on a need to know basis.
(c) The information is available to the retail network on a national rather than local basis. This is because serial and professional shoplifters, who pose the greatest risk to the members, are likely to move around New Zealand. The stated purpose would be prejudiced if the information was available on a more limited basis.
(d) Members accept contractual obligations including an obligation to agree to use the information only to the extent that is necessary to achieve the stated purpose.


The website uses an award winning programme renown for its security. Each page in the website can only be altered or edited by the person who placed the entry. Photographs are tracked for authorised use. The website uses best practise security systems. The SHA1 hash algorithm protects the information held within the site. The SHA algorithms were designed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and published as a US government standard.
The user must be authorized before any sensitive information is relayed and each incident can only be edited by the user who created it. The security for this website is being continually updated and evolved to keep up-to-date with new security risks.
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